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Multi-Surface Natural Rubber Broom

Multi-Surface Natural Rubber Broom

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Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. Spring cleaning is important for everyone, particularly if you experience allergies this time of year. To make matters worse, you finally gave in to your daughter's pleas for a new puppy. Of course, your 6-year-old isn't going to be cleaning up after little Jake and his overly excited muddy paws when he comes barreling in from outside. Nope, that's left to mom. 

This year's going to be different though, armed with our new Multi-Surface Rubber Broom spring cleaning is going to be a breeze. 

The only Multi-Purpose Broom that Cleans Every Surface in your Home

  • The multi-purpose rubber broom can be used indoors or outdoors to clean practically any surface including hardwood floors, tile, carpet, rugs, concrete, and upholstery.

  • The soft head is made of natural rubber that acts like a pet hair magnet and won’t scratch hardwood floors. Unlike straw brooms, the rubber broom doesn’t send the hair flying, and it’s easy to clean with just soap and water. The flexible bristles allow for an easy clean and scruff free on any surface.
  • Dries Numerous Surfaces - This industrial quality rubber squeegee effectively dries both flat and curved surfaces. You can use it to dry concrete or tiled garage and bathroom floors, kitchen surfaces, windows, window panes, car windshields, glass shower doors, or a pool deck.
  • Easy To Clean Removable head for easy storage and clean up.
  • The rubber squeegee is ideal for picking up pet hair on upholstered furniture and is much easier than vacuuming. For carpet pet hair removal, pull the broom in short, sharp strokes to bring embedded hair to the surface of the carpet. Even expensive vacuums made specifically for pet hair can’t compete with the FURemover Broom’s ability to pick up embedded hair.

  • Flip it over and use the all-purpose rubber squeegee side to pick up dirt and dust on hardwood floors. Cleans up spills with ease. The natural rubber of the squeegee blade prevents water spots even on glass, which is great for wiping windows, glass shower doors, and car windshields.
  • The durably designed, telescoping handle extends to 60 inches and makes it easy to clean windows, cars, and boats without the hassle of climbing on a ladder or step stool.

Natural Rubber Brush for Quick Pet Hair Removal
Keep Hardwood Floors and Carpet Free of Debris.
Natural Rubber Head,Rubber is known for its electro-static properties which draw certain materials to it, making it the perfect broom for sweeping up all.