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Multi-functional Pet Shower Tool

Multi-functional Pet Shower Tool

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Give your dogs a spa experience every bath time with this Multi-functional Pet Shower Tool. This tool combines a sprayer and a scrubber which allows you to massage your pets while grooming them. Bathing and massage are hard to resist so your pets will surely enjoy bath time even more.


  • The pet grooming tool combines bath brush and water sprayer, making it easy to wash your lovely pets.

  • The water will penetrate deeply into the pet dog hair and the glove will clean it in same time. 

  • Made of high quality ABS material and silicone, combination sprayer and scrubber, all features can be used with a single hand.

  • Unique bristles provide deep clean for your long or short haired dogs and penetrate near the skin giving a gentle massage effect.

  • Perfect water pressure and soft brush will give pets a deep clean feeling.


  • Material: ABS and silicone
  • Length: 2.5m
  • Size: 2.5m/98.42inch


  • 1 x Multi-functional Pet Shower Tool