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Appa Plush Stuff Toy | Big Size Anime Kids Toy. NOW 50% OFF ♨️ ♨️

Appa Plush Stuff Toy | Big Size Anime Kids Toy. NOW 50% OFF ♨️ ♨️

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Appa Plush Stuff Toy is your very own personal cuddly companion. It is inspired by the character from an animated TV show, Avatar The Last Airbender. Appa is a shaggy-haired bison. The size of this Appa Stuff Toy is enormous that acts as a fluffy fuzzy pillow or cushion. It is covered with soft, smooth high-quality plush material, which makes it more snuggly and you will feel relaxed while sleeping or hugging it. There are no buttons or sharp edges.

The 3D design of soft pointy horns, flat hooves, and fuzzy face make this Stuff Toy huggable and adorable. Similar to its character in the animated series, the Appa becomes everyone’s favorite and the most trusted and loyal companion.

It is the perfect gift for everyone who is fond of Appa and likes to sleep with snuggly soft fluffy stuff toys.


Appa Plush Stuff Toy Features:

  • The Appa character is a thick long-haired bison
  • The Stuff Toy is designed as the same
  • The Appa Stuff Toy is covered with high quality, soft fluffy plush material
  • It has 3D soft pointy horns on the head, flat smooth hooves, and a fuzzy face
  • The Appa is a cuddly, snuggly Stuff Toy which becomes everyone’s favorite and reliable companion
  • A perfect gift for everyone who loves Appa


  • Material: Plush
  • Size: 50 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Appa Plush Kids Stuff Toy